Played by Pyonyang

Now that the Dotard in Chief and Little Rocket Man have danced their pas de deux, the pundits are pushing all the words out of their mouth-holes, and boy have they got the best words. Some are so desperate for a news event that isn’t straight-up dystopian, they’ve been trying to say it’s not so bad, in fact it’s really just fine since Trump clearly “won” something by not actually slipping into a psychotic episode in Singapore.

To everyone who’s convinced this was a PR victory for VonPussygrab, I say whaa? Whose PR victory? The big winner in this has always been Kim Jong-un who has finally achieved his long-standing goal of being seen as an equal to other “world leaders” like the US President. Regardless of how we view President Dumpsterfire’s role in this, the fact is that to Kim’s people his torturous depraved regime is more legit than ever. There’s a reason former leaders have avoided the kinds of photo ops we’re seeing now. The groper in chief is getting played, and so is every pundit who declares he’s finally acting presidential.

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