That Krazy Komprimat

Here’s my take on the Komprimat the Russians have on Reality TV’s highest-rated treasonous wanker: I don’t think it’s financial (at least it’s not only financial), nor is it just a videotaped golden shower (shudderingly bad as that sounds). No, I believe there is video evidence of Comrade Grabber committing an actual violent crime – sex trafficking of underage girls, rape, rape of minors, that kind of thing. I think this for many reasons, but especially because I have never forgotten the complaint filed by a woman who claimed he violently raped her when she was 13. Despite having an eyewitness, this poor woman withdrew her complaint and went into hiding shortly before the 2016 election because she was threatened. Read her complaint and tell me you don’t think a) he did it, and b) probably a bunch of times cuz that’s his kink, very young girls. Read all about it at Snopes.


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