Things I Think You Should Know


[Here is where I will say clever things about myself and why I am doing this]

Some of the topics I’ll be covering (incomplete and in no particular order) include:
Politics. The personal is political and the political is hilarious and terrifying, and very occasionally inspiring. Lately, it’s more of a dystopian reality show.
Parenting. Everyone’s favorite verbified noun.
Feminism. I’m not afraid of it. You shouldn’t be either.
Media. (old media, new media, red media, blue media, and so on)
Cooking. Real food pretty much from scratch.
Crafty home projects. Mostly “aspirational.”
Australia. You should visit. It’s amazing.
New York City.  If you can make it there, you are essentially ruined for elsewhere
Things That Are Funny
Things I Think You Should Know
Topics and opinions are subject to change at any time. All advice is intended solely for entertainment purposes. Your mileage may vary.